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Creating Audio Visual Displays

Hello there! My name is Darren and I work in the marketing department of a large retailer. Recently, I was asked to put on an event which would feature the latest brands from out new product line. I had drawn up the guest list and found the ideal space when I suddenly realised I would need music and a video display. I had 24-hours to source the equipment and I was in a real panic. Thankfully, my friend brought along some equipment from his place of work and taught me how to set it up. I learnt an awful lot about audio and visual stuff that night.



Creating Audio Visual Displays

Why Work With an Employment Service to Find an A/V Job?

by Jorge Brewer

Being an audio/visual technician is a great career choice for anyone; businesses, libraries, sports arenas and many other locations are using more and more high-tech audio/visual equipment for presentations, scrolling marquees and other signage. Being a technician means being able to repair such technology and also work on its improvement, for better graphics, more memory and other such features. If you do want to find an A/V technician job, note a few reasons why you might do well to work with an employment agency versus trying to find this job on your own.

More jobs available

Some companies prefer to go through hiring agencies for all the jobs they have open, including technician jobs. These companies may not advertise their jobs in any other location and may not see any candidates who have not been interviewed and vetted by this employment agency. This may be for the sake of expediency and to ensure they only personally interview the best candidates, but whatever the reason, not going through an agency can mean not even being able to find job openings for which you might apply.

Improving your resume

When you work with an employment agency, such as First Class Crew pty. ltd., to find any job, they will usually review your résumé and suggest areas for improvement in how it's presented. This might include information you're leaving out or putting in the résumé or how it looks and is formatted. Remember that potential employers will still see your résumé even if you apply through a placement or employment agency, so its content and appearance are important. This feedback from the agency can then be very valuable in the first impression you make with any potential employer.

Knowing your qualifications

As an A/V technician, you may not know the current and most popular job demands in your field. An employment agency can tell you if the equipment you've worked on in the past is a bit outdated and if you could benefit by taking classes to learn newer and more updated equipment. They might note if you might need to start at a lower salary than you expected because you lack experience with certain equipment, programs and other qualifications that are in demand. With a better understanding of how your qualifications fit the current job market, you can make better decisions about continuing your education as needed, about adjusting salary expectations and knowing what to look for by way of a new job in your field.