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Creating Audio Visual Displays

Hello there! My name is Darren and I work in the marketing department of a large retailer. Recently, I was asked to put on an event which would feature the latest brands from out new product line. I had drawn up the guest list and found the ideal space when I suddenly realised I would need music and a video display. I had 24-hours to source the equipment and I was in a real panic. Thankfully, my friend brought along some equipment from his place of work and taught me how to set it up. I learnt an awful lot about audio and visual stuff that night.



Creating Audio Visual Displays

Tips for Renting Ideal Speakers for Outdoor Events

by Jorge Brewer

You have been placed in charge of securing a sound system for an event, but you know very little about speakers. If you find yourself in such a predicament, then your search for top-quality speakers is bound to be frustrating. Besides, most people don't give the process of renting speakers the seriousness it deserves. Therefore, most people end up renting speakers that don't meet an event's requirements. However, even if you know very little about renting audio/visual equipment, you can still get what you need with a bit of advice. This article highlights tips for renting the right speakers for an outdoor event.

Consult With Special Guests

When planning a fun event, musicians almost always make the cut. Therefore, it is critical to consult with stakeholders such as musicians before hiring speakers. The reason is that different guest artists have different preferences concerning the audio/visual equipment. Some guests like to use contemporary systems while others prefer the conventional type. If you make a decision based on personal preferences, then you might end up with disappointed guests. Find out the guest artists' preferences, and if there is no consensus, then you should make a compromise. It allows you to rent speakers that will meet the needs of each invited performer.

Inspect Venue

If you have already rented the space for an event, then you need to inspect the venue before renting speakers because it is an essential factor when leasing audio/visual equipment. For instance, in a relatively big backyard, you need to hire speakers that perform well outdoors. Furthermore, venue visits give you an opportunity to examine how many powers sources are available and how far apart the sockets are. The information is vital because you can estimate the length of electrical cords required to power the audio/visual equipment. If the venue is an open field, then you will have to rent speakers with high amperage for clarity reasons.

Get High Gauge Speaker Cables

Longer cable runs, high guests population and big venues require the right type of speaker for quality audio output. Therefore, speakers with thick cables are the best in any situation. For instance, if a venue is expecting many guests and the wires criss-cross the ground, then thick wires can handle the high traffic of people. Moreover, longer cable runs can only eliminate sound interference if they have thick casing and a high gauge.

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