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Creating Audio Visual Displays

Hello there! My name is Darren and I work in the marketing department of a large retailer. Recently, I was asked to put on an event which would feature the latest brands from out new product line. I had drawn up the guest list and found the ideal space when I suddenly realised I would need music and a video display. I had 24-hours to source the equipment and I was in a real panic. Thankfully, my friend brought along some equipment from his place of work and taught me how to set it up. I learnt an awful lot about audio and visual stuff that night.



Creating Audio Visual Displays

Tips for Renting Ideal Speakers for Outdoor Events

You have been placed in charge of securing a sound system for an event, but you know very little about speakers. If you find yourself in such a predicament, then your search for top-quality speakers is bound to be frustrating. Besides, most people don't give the process of renting speakers the seriousness it deserves. Therefore, most people end up renting speakers that don't meet an event's requirements. However, even if you know very little about renting audio/visual equipment, you can still get what you need with a bit of advice.

Why You Absolutely Need to Focus on Video for Your Online Marketing

Online marketing experts tend to agree on one thing – video is the next big thing. Of course, it almost goes without saying that you need an Internet presence if you are running any type of small business, and you have to make sure that it is a dynamic and constantly updated site, as well. You have to be very careful what you put on there and make sure that the content is interesting at least and viral, if possible.

Which Style of Headphones Is Right for You?

With everybody now carrying around their entire music collection in their pockets, the necessity to own a great pair of headphones increases every day.  Cheap headphones are available at a wide variety of different stores if you're not picky, but even among these, there are several different options to choose from.  If you have a bigger budget, the options get even broader.  So how exactly do you make a decision with regards to which style of headphones you buy?

Why Work With an Employment Service to Find an A/V Job?

Being an audio/visual technician is a great career choice for anyone; businesses, libraries, sports arenas and many other locations are using more and more high-tech audio/visual equipment for presentations, scrolling marquees and other signage. Being a technician means being able to repair such technology and also work on its improvement, for better graphics, more memory and other such features. If you do want to find an A/V technician job, note a few reasons why you might do well to work with an employment agency versus trying to find this job on your own.